Veterinary Dermatology Consultation Services


VDCS is proud to announce a new telemedicine service!

Pet parents: Have you been noticing skin, ear or allergy problems with your pet? It may be time to take it to the next level and request the advice of a specialist.

Veterinarians: Have you been recommending your patients to a specialist, but time, money, or convenience are getting in the way?

Solution: Live video conferencing is now available with Dr. Kristin Holm, a board-certified veterinary dermatologist.

What: Professional advice on an individual, personalized basis, on your schedule, at the point of care

How: FaceTime Dr. Holm at 630-205-2943 

Where: In the presence of both the pet parent and primary care veterinarian. As long as there is an active VPC (veterinary-patient-client) relationship present, interstate consultation is permitted. 

When: Anytime, day or night

Cost: $39 per 15 minutes (9AM-5PM CST); $79 per 15 minutes (5PM-9AM CST). Payment is completed via credit card over a secure network.

Who: Dr. Holm has been actively practicing as a board-certified veterinary dermatologist for nearly 20 years. She currently owns her own practice in the Des Moines, Iowa area and is on the Executive Board of the American College of Veterinary Dermatology. 

Questions? Call the office at 515-619-9036, or email Dr. Holm at

For now, this service is available for iPhone users only, using the standard FaceTime app. Additional platforms may be available in the future - stay tuned!

Dr. Kristin Holm



 A summary of the consultation will emailed to the primary veterinarian.



Payment may be made directly by the pet parent or indirectly by the primary veterinarian (in which case the pet parent would pay the primary veterinarian). We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Care Credit.


Dr. Holm will consult face-to-face with the veterinarian and pet parent to come up with possible diagnoses and a plan to diagnose and treat the pet's condition.



Using an iPhone, call Dr. Holm at 630-205-2943 and request a FaceTime consultation during the appointment, any time, any day.


Make an appointment for the pet at the primary vet's office.




What to Expect