Veterinary Dermatology Consultation Services





Solving your pet's dermatology puzzle requires a combination of diagnostic tests and treatments.  Here is a sampling of some procedures and treatments you might expect: 
•  Thorough skin and ear exam •  Skin scraping for parasites •  Cytology for bacterial and yeast infections •  Skin biopsy to diagnose autoimmune diseases, unexplained hair loss, and skin cancers •  Culture and sensitivity to determine appropriate antibiotic selection •  Ear flushing and video otoscopy (requires anesthesia) •  Intradermal allergy testing to determine offending environmental allergens (requires sedation and shaving some fur) •  Serum (blood) allergy testing in cases where intradermal allergy testing is not an option •  Allergen-specific immunotherapy (allergy vaccine) to induce tolerance to environmental allergens •  Shampoo and other topical therapies to cleanse, relieve itching, and treat infections •  Oral medications such as antihistamines, antibiotics, immunomodulators •  Ear cleansers and ointments or drops •  Antiparasitics to treat and prevent fleas, ticks, and mites •  Supplements such as fatty acids and all-new Doggy Goo •  Prescription foods to diagnose and treat food allergies